Buying a bed takes a lot more thinking about than most think, I mean it is the place you’ll want to be comfiest, it is where you spend your evenings getting the well deserved rest from the day you’ve had to prepare yourself for the next day ahead. So when buying a bed there are a few things to consider.

There are SO many beds, frames and mattresses you can get your hands on so you’ll need to do some research first. You’ll need to know what kind of bed you’re looking for, do you want a memory foam mattress? Which is the best? Do you want a bed in which has a lot of storage space? There is a lot more to consider than you may think. 

You may see a bed you like but you’ll need to consider whether it will actually suit your room. If you have a large room a big four poster bed will look great! If you have a smaller room then you’ll have to opt for something smaller, but nonetheless there are some amazing beds in which you can choose from.

Once you have decided what bedframe you want you’ll then need to decide what kind of mattress you are looking for, this is the fun part. Go to a mattress shop and try out every mattress available, which is the most comfortable, which do you find best to lie on? You will have to think about all this, don’t rush into buying a mattress if you’re not dead set on the comfort as remember you’ll be having to sleep on this every night.



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