When it comes to your first ever property it is likely you’re going to be clueless as to what you’re going to need. But don’t panic. Plenty of people have been through and are going through the exact same thing. A lot of people tend to over buy when it comes to their first property, you see lots of pretty things and think that will look great in your new place. However, eventually you’ll find yourselves cluttering up the house! So for your first home just go for buying the essentials. But what are the essentials?

Depending on whether you’re going into a furnished or unfurnished property will depends on what essentials you will need.

Furnished property – this usually means that white goods have been left/ supplied in the property for you so you won’t need to go shopping for a bed, washing machine, fridge, freezer. But you won’t be left with the things to put within the rooms. Unfurnished will obviously have none of these things and so you will have to buy all these and furniture.

Obviously there is so much you can buy for your house, but you should start with the bare essentials, especially if you’re on a small budget.. So from room to room…













TV (not very essential though)









This doesn’t seem like much, and remember these are just the main essentials, there are so many more things you need/can get, but it all amounts to a lot of money depending what you’re buying and where you’re buying your products from!

For a little more information visit: Property Essentials



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