How to get your Kids to Clean their Room

Posted: April 23, 2014 in Children's Bedroom, Declutter, Ideas, Inspiration
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Getting your kids to tidy their room will never be the easiest thing and to be fair do you enjoy the thought of tidying up? So you can understand why children may throw a tantrum when you tell them to tidy their room, so you need to be clever about it, think of things that will motivate them to clean their room or ways in which you can make it fun.

I remember when my Mum used to get me to tidy my room she would threaten me with the “you won’t be able to go out all weekend if you don’t tidy your room”, and at this point I was verging on teenage years so the thought of spending the weekend at home indoors with my parents really wasn’t fun! So it motivated me to clean my job and do a bloody good job! And then I got to spend the weekend with my friends.

Obviously with younger children it is a little different, but simple things like if you give your child a little bit of pocket money at the weekend to go and spend round the corner shop on sweets or if you take them with you grocery shopping and you buy them a toy or some sweets, tell them that they can’t have it until they clean and tidy their room. Trust me it works. Every child wants to get stuck into playing with their new toy so they will get straight into cleaning their room.

Another way to improve with your kids getting their chores done is to set a good example, show them that you clean and tidy up often and this will show them that it is the normal thing to do. If you don’t tidy up and don’t take pride in the way your home looks then it isn’t likely you’re going to be able to motivate your child to take pride in cleaning their room.

You could even make it a game, if you have several children, get a timer and tell them to have a race. The first person to have the perfectly cleaned room wins (perhaps offer a prize), every child loves bit of competition. You could also pretend to be judges and once the children have cleaned their rooms they have to be scored out of 10 and again whoever gets the highest score out of 10 wins.

There is so much you can do to motivate your children to clean their room, so fear not if they don’t seem to be cooperating at the moment, try a few of these tips out and hopefully in no time there will be no strops or tantrums just because you mentioned the “cleaning” word.


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