Decluttering your Home

Posted: April 21, 2014 in Declutter, Ideas, Inspiration
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downloadDecluttering your home is never a fun thing to do, and when you tell the kids to declutter their rooms you know exactly why they groan and moan about it, because just like them you really don’t want to do it, do you? But it has to be done, over time we begin to gain things or buy things in which we needed at the time but no longer need, or we just buy something because we like the look of it. However, this begins to clutter up the house leaving you with no extra storage or makes your home a nightmare to keep tidy. So this is why you need to declutter.

It doesn’t have to be one of them things you keep putting off, there are ways to make it easier. Pick a starting point. Don’t start in one place and not finish but move on to the next space because this will just cause extra clutter everywhere and make your life so much more stressful. So maybe, pick a room you’re going to start with? You don’t have to do the whole house in one day, so maybe dedicate a room a week, or a room a day? Which ever takes your fancy.

For example, if you decide to start with the kitchen, go through one cupboard at a time, and have a black sack at the ready for anything you decide you want to throw away. During this process you need to be tough, don’t look at something and think just because you haven’t used it since you bought it, bearing in mind you bought it over a year ago, doesn’t mean you won’t use it. Because it is likely you won’t use it, and if you ever do randomly need something you decided to throw away you have friends and neighbours right? Borrow.

scheduleIf you don’t feel like decluttering this week or this weekend, plan a weekend or a day in which you’re going to do it, and schedule it in. Knowing you have to do it and it is something that is scheduled in is likely to make you do it, plus the sooner you get it done the better, then you can stop worrying about it.

For items you aren’t so certain on create a “maybe” box or bag and pop everything in there. Pop this box or bag in a hidden place and in a few weeks or months go through it again and see what you actually need out of it, by this time you’ll have realised you don’t actually need any of it and it will be simple and easy for you to just get rid of it, thus creating more space in your home, and remember, some of the stuff you’re thinking of getting rid of you could donate to charity? This whole decluttering thing really does turn out to be good, and giving stuff to a good cause will make you feel great! download (1)

Finally, don’t leave it to get to the point where you have to do a WHOLE long process of decluttering, perhaps every month set a day in which you’re going to have a little bit of a more thorough clean through, this will stop you from having to do so much work in one period of time.



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