Fancy a change in the house but nothing that is going to cause too much disruption to the home? Well I have found some simple and quick decorating ideas for you, that will help you make that change in your home.

Kitchen – a very simple change to your kitchen could be hanging an interior curtain, not only will this give you a little change but it will make your kitchen look that little bit more stylish.

Bedroom – mix and match your bedding, you don’t have to constantly have the same bedsheets and you don’t have to constantly use the same sheets that go with each set. Why not use a different case for your pillow and another for your bedding. A simple but effective change.

Hallway – add a different kind of wall piece to your wall, perhaps plates? Not only is this simple, but how many houses do you go into and see plates hanging on the wall? Exactly.

Livingroom – everyone tends to go with pushing the sofa chairs right up to the wall, why not make a change, move it around a little and pop the sofa more in the middle of the room, away from the walls, (obviously if your lounge isn’t big enough to do this, putting the sofa in the middle of the room really wouldn’t work).

Extra little things you could do is update lampshades, simple, but will give you a slight change. Perhaps going a little less simple, but still a simple idea, change the colour of your walls, paint them a different or even add some wallpaper to them, this will make for a very noticeable change if thats more so what you’re looking for. Or simply just move already hanging wall pieces around, swap them up a little, put them in different places or just change them.



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