Modern interiors and vintage interior are always a popular within home interiors, but why not have a bit of both? Mixing modern and vintage is a great idea and can be easily done, giving your home a sophisticated look. To create the perfect mix the stuff you should buy for the vintage part would be, accent pieces, things such as side tables or perhaps just a coffee table, or be different and put a bedroom dresser in the front hallway. Things you should be buying for the modern side, bigger pieces of furniture like sofas and armchairs and beds.

But to actually create this feel you need to think about the room, for example in the living room, you could purchase a low seated sofa which will make the ceiling seem higher up, giving the vintage feel. You should also think about starting with white, use it as your base colour and then work from there. Dressing up white can be simple and easy and when creating a vintage and modern feel this will be great. 


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