The living room is likely to be the main place where you will have guests and so you want it look at its best. So when decorating your living room it is advisable to have a plan in mind as you what you would like it to look like. You don’t need to know all the fine details of what it will look like but just have a general idea will help make the whole process of decorating your living room that little bit easier. 

When it comes to actually decorating you should make sure you do a lot of research, look through magazines, catalogues or on the internet. Search for colours, styles, furniture and anything that will help you designing. Once you have a found a few things you like you will be able to make a decision, once you have made a decision don’t change it, that is the worst thing to do. Make a decision and stick to it.

So, you have chosen your style and colour scheme, lighting. Lighting will help set the mood within your room so this can be a vital part. Decide what you are going to be using the room for and what atmosphere you want to create and then pick out lighting that will help create this setting and atmosphere.

Furniture. Obviously this is essential. You’re not going to have a room with no furniture. So for a living room you will need to think about how many people at most you will need to seat and then buy a practical sofa with enough space for everyone! Will you need a little coffee table, perhaps several? These are all things you will need to take into consideration. Curtains are also something you need to get right and they will look best if they match the colour of the furniture.

Finally, remember what you are using the room for, if you need a certain amount of space left don’t fill it with accessories or extra furniture just because there is a space, if you need it leave it. There is always space for a nice painting or picture on the wall too.


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