Being an interior designer is more work than most people think, trying to figure out the best ideas, paints and pieces of furniture for a space is actually quite difficult. So if you think that creating the perfect interior design within your home as a non interior designer is going to be easy, then you’re wrong. But that is where I am here to help. I have searched the internet for the best tips and ideas on how to think like an interior designer and have compiled a list of things to do to help you all out. 

So here it goes…

First thing interior designers do is interview their client. They’ll need to know what they want done with the space and what they are hoping it will look like by the end and they get to know their client so they can understand their likes and dislikes in order to create the perfect ending. So interview yourself, ask yourself what you want the space to look like, what your likes and dislikes are, what would you like the final thing to look like.

Then, decision making. There are certain decisions most people do not want to make, and when designing an interior you can get carried away with seeing certain items that you believe would look good in your room and forgetting what you actually want and need the room for. Yes, it may look good but remember, the first decision you have to make is what is the purpose of this interior design? If you’re decorating your living room you will need to think about how many people you need to comfortably seat for most of the time when you’re using the room. This will help determine what furniture you will need.

Next, what kind of atmosphere are you wanting to create? This will then help determine the colours and style of the room. Remember, it doesn’t have to be boring so let your imagination run wild! 

You will also need to choose the right furniture and possible accessories, and like I said above, it doesn’t have to be boring, so step out of your comfort zone and perhaps pick some furniture or accessories that you wouldn’t perhaps normally choose for an interior. Also, furniture doesn’t have to match. It is your interior do as you please with it, mix things up a little and match a contemporary sofa with an antique rug, who is to say this won’t look right or is not normal?

Once you have completed your room, the final thing to do is to choose your accessories, as by this time you’ll be able to see what wall space and other space you have available to be able to put accessories up. You may find something you really like, like a sequinned pillow during the process, to later find that it does not look right at all with the final interior you have.

I hope these tips were useful and feel free to comment or get in touch with any questions you may have!


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