A step-by-step guide to painting a room

Posted: February 13, 2014 in Painting
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When it comes to painting a room it isn’t as easy as many people think. To start with you need to decide on a colour. There is no point putting a colour on the wall that you’re not sure about and then deciding after you’ve painted the whole wall you no longer want that colour! So try out the colour. Narrow it down to three or four shades that you like a paint a small square on the wall using the colour, big enough for you to be able to see the colour properly and be able to compare it with the other three shades you have chosen.

Then choose the finish, if it is likely that the walls in a certain room are going to get more wear and tear to them the higher the gloss should be, so that they can be kept looking great for longer. When it comes to painting, prep your walls by cleaning them beforehand, let the wall dry and then proceed to fill holes and cracks. Once you have done this you are pretty much ready to paint, all that is left to do it cover places which are likely to get paint splattered on. Use tape to cover skirting boards that you do not want paint to get on, and move furniture out of the way.

Now, paint the walls. When trying to paint in the smaller areas, like corners, use a small brush, as using a roller to get to these parts will probably miss a few bits! After this is done allow the paint to dry, most people tend to put a second coat on when painting, so once the first lot is dry you can get on with the second coat.


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