Living in a rental apartment does not mean you aren’t allowed to decorate, or put your own spin on the apartment to make it feel a little more like home. Some landlords are happy for you to decorate, especially if you are there for the long term. If you have been given permission to decorate why stick with the boring, old white painted walls and the rusty looking appliances and hideous light fixtures.

You don’t have to splash out the cash to decorate and make your apartment feel more like home, and most apartments are a lot smaller than a home meaning already it will be a lot cheaper for you! Here are a few top tips from Huerta:

1. “Dump the mini-blind”, most people just tend to keep the same old blinds that they were left with when they first moved into the apartment. These are are not the blinds to have if you want to impress people with the greatness of your apartments interior. Most apartments have standard sized windows, so it is easy to find ready made fabric and curtains without breaking the budget; and even when you decide to move on from this apartment if you no longer need these curtains you can always sell them to the next tenant. As i’m sure they would much prefer them to the mini-blinds.

2. “Add depth to a narrow galley kitchen”, you tend to see that every kitchen has cabinet doors, removing cabinet doors can create a custom look and add personality to your apartment, it also does a great job at making your kitchen feel larger whilst making it feel cosy and inviting.

3. “Maximise empty spaces”, have some spare space? In a rental apartment you should make sure you make use of every empty space, as there isn’t as much space available to you, just like that awkward foot space between the top of your kitchen cabinets and the ceiling can be put to good use! Like storing kitchen appliances etc, that don’t get used very often.

4. “Upgrade light fixtures”, most rental places tend to have cheap, ugly looking light features or none at all! Obviously, this would have to be something you check with your landlord, but why not change them, they can always be changed back to the originals when you decide to leave. There are plenty of places that sell modern looking light features, 10 times better than the ugly looking ones that were there when you moved in.

5. “Don’t be afraid to paint”, most landlords will agree to let you paint the rental apartment if you agree to paint it back to the original colour once you decide to leave. With the changes to the curtains and light fixtures you’ve probably got an idea of what colour scheme you’re going to be having in your apartment, so why not paint the walls to match this colour scheme? Not only will this make your apartment look a lot nicer compared to having the boring old white that was originally on there, but it will make it feel more like home!

6. “Camouflage the unflattering”, something in your apartment that you hate but can’t change? Adhesive paper will be your new best friend, it isn’t expensive and is easy to apply, and once it comes to moving on from this rental apartment you can peel it right off!

7. “Treat the bathroom like a real room”, it is harder to change the bathroom in a rental apartment, however, you can add accessories and features to your bathroom to make it more to your taste and interesting. Simply things like adding a rug, or bathmat can work wonders to your bathroom!

8. “Create the illusion of architectural interest”, it is easy to go and buy a piece of wood from a shop and use it as a shelf, but why not add something to it to add interest, make it stand out and look different. Instead of sticking to the same old boring wood shelf.

9. “Speak up”, don’t be afraid to ask your landlord if you can make changes, why stick to the same old boring features of a standard rental flat? If you offer to make sure it goes back to its original look when you move out then there is no reason for the landlord to turn it down, unless you’re short term letting!


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