So 2014 is finally here, the time when everyone begins their ‘fresh start’ and new years resolutions. But these don’t just have to be able yourself, why not create a fresh start by changing the interior within your home? Just like fashion, interior design trends change regularly and its hard to keep up with them, however,  finding out soon you can be one of the first to be ‘in’ with these trends. So check out the what’s out and in for 2014!


Whats out:

1. Ikat prints

2. All-white kitchens

3. Woodland creatures

4. Books reduced to decor

5. The belgian look


Whats in:

1. Macrame and fiber-art wall hangings

2. Window sheers

3. Corduroy upholstery

4. Venetian marbled-paper prints

5. Deco hues

Like the sound of some of these expected interior trends for 2014 check out here how to incorporate them into your home, to create a fresh new feel for 2014!


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