Modern Interior Design


Decorating your house can be a lot of fun, but deciding how you want to decorate and design your rooms within your home can be difficult. Commonly people tend to go for a modern look within their households and having a modern and contemporary designed home is very on trend. The latest modern interior trends for 2013 are: a classic and modern mix, traditional and natural, themed furnishing, fabric prints, Eco friendly and tufted furniture.

Classic and Modern Mix

By classic and modern mix it means to mix something modern with something classic, for example a classic piece of furniture mixed with a modern piece of fabric, such as an old styled table covered with an abstracted piece of modern fabric; or you could accessorise an old styled sofa with abstracted cushions. This is very on trend and you’ll see it featured in a lot of modern designed homes.

Traditional and Natural

Traditional furniture is on high demand from customers and people decorating their homes, having traditional looking furniture but with natural styled materials such as wood is one other furniture design trend that is big at the moment.

Themed Furnishing

Themed furnishing could be themed with anything; you could have animal print, nautical themes and so much more! People like to keep the same theme going throughout the room for consistency, but using a theme makes your room different and unique.

Fabric Prints

Pattern is a nice way to make your interior design different and colourful, and also helps it to stand out. There are many different patterns the most popular patterns are: geometric shapes and floral patterns which can be put anywhere in interior design such as: wallpaper, rug, carpet, or as furniture cover. Using fabric prints adds character to the room and also allows the person to put their own spin on things.

Eco Friendly

Being Eco friendly with furniture just basically means reusing old bits of furniture and perhaps changing and adapting them to how you want and using them within your home. This means you don’t have to waste or throw away old furniture, you can re use it but make it more modern!

Tufted Furniture

Tufted furniture is now available in pretty much anything, sofas, chairs, armchairs and beds, and is becoming highly demanded. Tufted furniture is a unique and different look and becoming modern which is why it is on such high demand. It gives the room and completely unique feel.

There are still many, many more different trends coming in all the time so keep an eye out! But choosing the right furniture can be just as hard as designing how you want your room, but nowadays there are so many companies around with affordable modern furniture that you’ll probably now find it difficult to choose what company to go with! However, when choosing make sure you aren’t getting ripped off!


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