Getting Dining Room Furniture Right

The furniture in your dining room has to be functional as well as stylish. It has to work with the shape of your room and the ways you plan to use your dining area. Every room in your house will have key pieces of furniture and in your dining room your table is the centre piece.

The table you choose is really integral to the look of the whole room and should be where the majority of your budget goes. You can even mix styles and eras to create a fantastic and original dining environment. Don’t underestimate the value of choosing to buy furniture online as the range available outstrips most shops.

Here are our top tips for getting your dining room furniture right:

  • Use a favourite piece as the start of your theme. Pick a piece of furniture or decorative item to build your room around.
  • Contrasting styles look great as long as you have understated surroundings so make sure walls and floors are plan so your furniture can make a statement.
  • Combine different fabrics from different periods, an antique footstool. could look fantastic surrounding by modern upholstery on dining chairs.
  • Antique-look furniture is very much on trend but you don’t have to spend a fortune as modern, distressed items can be bought.
  • Keep it simple and uncluttered.

Dining Room Crimes

There are a few no-no’s that you should always avoid when designing your dining room. Here are our top five crimes in the dining room:

  • Locating it too far from the kitchen
  • Locating it too close to the bathroom
  • Having pet food bowls and other pet paraphernalia where diners can see
  • Setting a large dinner set in a small area
  • Not using the space you have created frequently

Your dining room should be in regular use, at least once a day and it should be enjoyed as a fabulous place to entertain. Follow our tips to get it looking great.


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